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Zhuhai Guoneng New Material Co., LTD., estabalished in 2002, is engaged in composite materials and polymer materials microstructure of modified materials technology development and application of high-tech enterprises. with investment 150 million yuan to build 23000 ㎡ of Zhuhai Nanping headquarters and investment of 200 million yuan will be used in 2023 zhuhai Fushan 38000 m2 production base, establishing engineering technology center of Guangdong Province and Materials Laboratory and Zhuhai Guoneng has authorized 25 invention patents and 15 utility model patents.

There are high frequency high speed copper clad laminates and modified composite materials production line. 


Suitable for mobile communications, consumer electronics and other fields of PTFE series, hydrocarbon series, high-speed series of high-frequency high-speed copper clad; 

Suitable for 4G / 5G mobile Woven glass  and modified plastic base station antenna cover;

Applicable to the new energy automobile millimeter wave radar and power battery protection shell; 

Suitable for all kinds of industry of high performance composite materials and the development and application of polymer components.

Zhuhai Guoneng insist to the spirit of enterprise "scientific and technological innovation, excellence and sustainable development.

25Utility Patents
10Software Copyright
15Authorized Invention Patent
6Patent Application in Progress

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